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About Us

Gujarat Polymers has put in pioneering efforts in introducing Polyester film (Garware) in the Indian market since 20 years. It also manufactures a wide range of electrical insulating material based on polyester film ,producing flexible laminates .It is led by a strong and dedicated team , which has been successful in making inroads in almost all the industries using polyester films.

Gujarat Polymers is continously striving to win its customer's heart . More than 1000 clients in all regions of India and other Asian and Middle-East countries known Gujarat Polymers and its products. The structure of the plant's distribution system and trade departments allows us to be in closest contact with the market and customer's needs , as well as to provide competent and fast reply to the partner's request . The Gujarat Polymers partners are the giants of the power plant electrical industries and packaging industries.

Polyester film is transparent , flexible has high tensile strength , tear resistance and shear strength . It is insensitive to oils, greases and solvents it does not contains plasticizers and in normal conditions is unaffected by ageing. It has high dielectric properties. Polyester film retains all its outstanding properties, namely mechanical strength, flexibility and dielectric over a temprature range from 70 to 150'C and it is used in a wide range of industrial applications